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A Grade Sandstone Blocks for Retaining Wall Supply and Construction

Sawn Sandstone Blocks

Sawn sandstone is available in a range of grades and sizes. Grades vary from diamond sawn steps and A Grade machine sawn stone through to random or off-cut type boulders.

Higher graded materials offer more control over the size and shape of the rocks and the building process itself is most often quicker and and thus cheaper.

A Grade stone is a consistent size and shape and with it can be built a very tidy and aesthetically pleasing wall. If sheer looks are the main goal of a retaining wall with little cost concern A Grade Sandstone is the way to go.

The general industry specification for A Grade Blocks is that they are wheel sawn on 5 sides, producing cleaner edges for easier wall construction. Sizes vary depending on the supplier between 400mm x 400mm x 1000ml [weighing approximately 375kgs] up to 1000ml x 1000ml x 1000ml [weighing approximatley 2330kgs].

Precision A grade Blocks can sometimes be obtained and these are Diamond Saw cut top and bottom producing an even smoother and sharper build.

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